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Be the party that you are.

I volunteered at our local Festival of Trees last night and met a most energetic, fun, interesting person. She was wearing a pair of dress boots (new)... this is important to the story, so stay with me:-)

At the beginning of the night, she caught her heel on something and it, the heel, came loose. "What did I do now?", was her immediate response. No cussing, no anger, just a pffft and off she went to find a glue gun. Several minutes later she came back, reeking of hot glue. She had been working as a helper in the gift shop, which meant she had to do a lot of walking around. She quickly traded places with the "wrapper" so she could stand while her heel "healed".

Over the course of the night, I learned a lot about Carley. Youngest of six, married, a great auntie, and is known for her klutziness. "I try to be in the moment", "I try to change who I am", "I don't know why these things happen to me", were just a few things she said about herself, all the while smiling, helping people, and providing a spark of joy wherever she stood.

"You're a party", I said. "Be the party that you are". "Awwww", she said. "Nobody's every called me a party. I love it."

I wrote the words on a sticky note and gave it her. She got teary and gave me a big hug, and said. "thank you. I needed to hear that."

I needed to say it.
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