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TT: her star may shine brighter.

I really didn't want to do a truthful Tuesday, but Mr. Pantalones called me out. So here is my Truthful Tuesday confession on Wednesday.

When I joined this site I decided to keep it to myself. Not share it with others I knew. Especially my older sister.

When we were growing up we were known as ‘beauty and the brain’: she was the beauty and I was the brain. Boy after boy wanted to date her. When they found out she had a younger sister they wanted to date me, too. Until they saw me.

“Gee, you look nothing like your sister. Are you sure you’re related? Maybe you were adopted. By the way, can I copy your homework?”

It’s true. My sister and I were definitely night and day: she the raven-haired, brown-eyed extrovert and me the mousy-haired introvert. She, the life of the party, and me, the queen of the lonely hearts club.

I didn’t mind. Much. I just studied harder and defined myself by my grades and academic accomplishments, while she continued to dance the night away.

As different as we were, we were closer to each other than our other siblings. Long walks, long talks. Many a late night I helped her up the stairs and into her room after too much partying, trying to keep her quiet so our parents wouldn’t know. Many a time she hugged me when yet another boy stood me up.

I couldn’t have asked for a better sister.

So why won’t I share this site with her? Because she has a better way with words than me. And she might outshine me. And I won’t be the brainy one anymore.

But maybe it’s time to relinquish those old labels and give credit where it’s due. My sister struggled academically, probably due to a disability, and found her own way to shine back then. Years later, she overcame those difficulties, attended college, and found a career. More importantly than that, she brought out the real beauty in me and I learned to love myself a little more.

So I’m going to tell her about this site.

I hope she joins.

And I hope she shines.
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