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Member since April 29, 2009


Right now, I'm reading:
4/29/09 : Jen Lancaster - "Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big....or.....Why Pie Is Not the Answer"

My favorite story of all time is:
It's a toss up between.... Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, for being the kind of book you can read 10 times in a day, learning something new about the characters, society, gender roles, and yourself everytime! And.... Sleeping Beauty. Not so much because it's my family's nickname for me (honestly? Don't tell me waking up before 10am isn't a chore), but more so because, well...quite frankly... what girl wouldn't want a hot guy - a prince to boot - waking her up with a kiss?

In bed I like to read:
Pieces of other peoples lives....and Maxim or Elle (And no I'm not gay, woman read Maxim too. I mean really, you can only read so many articles about the latest designer and self-tanner before you want to assault someone with your new trendy eco-friendly lipstick. And besides, it's good insight. 'Cause let's be real... reading a woman's magazine to find out what a man likes is like asking a cat why a dog barks....better to go straight to the source, no?

Besides SMITH, I read stories at:
B&N in the Palisades, usually when I'm waiting for a date to arrive; normally because I wouldn't let him pick me up at my house. What can I say? A first date is too early to be giving someone your address. They could be the next Manson for all you know! Or at the very least, one of those people who just "stop by" without sufficient notice, because they were "in the neighborhood". I mean, really? Is it too much to ask for a text? Give a girl some notice so she can run upstairs and put on some lip gloss - or pants - for goodness sake!

If you were to throw up your hands in exasperation and yell "it's the story of my life," what would you be talking about?
I"m rushing out of Starbucks to get to class on time, subsequently spilling my Tall Mocha Frap (no whip) all over my toes, and favorite pair of Dolce Vita sandals. I make it to class with 2 minutes to spare. There's a yellow note on the door. "Class is cancelled"

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“I'm always changing, but never change.”

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