A Six-Word Memoir® is the story of your life—some part of it or all of it—told in exactly six words.

In classrooms and boardrooms, churches and synagogues, veteran's groups and across the dinner table, Six-Word Memoirs have become a powerful tool to catalyze conversation, spark imagination or simply break the ice.

Here on Six Words, we offer a simple platform to share the short, sharp story of your life, as well as provide daily prompts to share your six-word takes on the topics of our times.

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So give six a try—and make your words count.


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Right now, I'm reading:
LOST IN A GOOD BOOK by Jasper Fforde

In bed I like to read:
nonfiction... comfort books... comic books... children's literature... fantasy (which I don't count as "adult fiction", as fantasy lovers all have some degree of children in their hearts).

My favorite story of all time is:
How can I possibly pick ONE??????

Besides SMITH, I read stories at:

If you were to throw up your hands in exasperation and yell "it's the story of my life," what would you be talking about?
Good intentions, awkward outcome, embarrassment results.

What six words would I tell my teen self if I could go back in time?
Breathe. He's not the last one.

The song that encapsulates the soundtrack of my life is?
REFLECTIONS, from Disney's MULAN, with minor adjustments... Look at me I could never pass for the perfect wife Or the perfect mother Can it be I'm not meant to play this part? I can see that if I were truly to be myself I would break my family's heart... It only FEELS that way, sometimes... and I can remember that songs like this always have a happy ending, since eventually, you realize that you CAN be yourself without breaking anyone's heart.

If I could have one person read my writing on SMITH it would be?
My fellow JoeMommas on Facebook. (Again, can't pick just one!)

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