A Six-Word Memoir® is the story of your life—some part of it or all of it—told in exactly six words.

In classrooms and boardrooms, churches and synagogues, veteran's groups and across the dinner table, Six-Word Memoirs have become a powerful tool to catalyze conversation, spark imagination or simply break the ice.

Here on Six Words, we offer a simple platform to share the short, sharp story of your life, as well as provide daily prompts to share your six-word takes on the topics of our times.

More than half a million short stories have been shared here. Read more about six.

So give six a try—and make your words count.


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Right now, I'm reading:
Day of the Locust; Miss Lonelyhearts; Slouching Towards Bethlehem; Easy Street by the late Susan Berman

My favorite story of all time is:
Green Eggs and Ham; the Torah; Catch 22; the last page of The Great Gatsby; The first page of On the Road; The first sentence of Anna Karenina; Job

In bed I like to read:
Stanley Elkin, Nathanael West, Joan Didion, Peggy Orenstein, Anna Karenina (in the past 5 years I've read the first 15 pages 112 times. Did you know that "all happy families are the same"?)

Besides SMITH, I read stories at:
everywhere. nowhere. Billboards. The 1000 page Russian novel section of my favorite used book store in Minneapolis (Magers & Quinn) The New Yorker. The Atlantic. Harpers. The usual suspects.The 50 cent table. The $27.95 table. Sebastian Joe's coffee shop. Sitting in the waiting rooms of doctors to soon find out if I'm dying. (Wish me luck on Thursday.)

If you were to throw up your hands in exasperation and yell "it's the story of my life," what would you be talking about?
the story of my life.

What six words would I tell my teen self if I could go back in time?
Don't forget to deal with karma

The song that encapsulates the soundtrack of my life is?
"Fever," by Miss Peggy Lee

If I could have one person read my writing on SMITH it would be?
a stranger with a great laugh; an affinity for nice dogs and nice people; and the desire to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

WynonaHorowitz’s Latest Memoir of 2

“What was, was; and datz dat.”

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