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After twins, psych ward, home better.

by raerae40 on May 4, 2010   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Real simple. Had a son very young, who is now 20 at Carnegie Mellon. Single mom. It was great. Remarried when he was 7 to a wonderful man, who fell in love with me, my son &, asked if I would have another baby. I actually didn't think I would get pregnant, then: TWINS GIRLS, this gender is much more difficult (at least for me) than son. I told them at 3, I would not be the typical hands on mother, made a deal with dad, who adores them and does everything. No zoo, amusement parks, etc, That is his territory. Mine is reading,museums, pedicures, window shopping. Having always worked at exec jobs,it came as quite a shock that I could not longer work. But, I didn't know how not to. Overwhelmed, out of my mind, stressed out, I checked into a loony bin thinking what I needed was a Four Seasons type of experience. Well, it wasn't. It was horrible. I just wanted to go home, it put everything in perspective. These are amazing girls, and my son, as well, so I learned I was indeed blessed and to get over my feeling of being unappreciated, etc. A long time ago, I started a twins club in my community because they were popping up like mushrooms after a good rain. These women were also losing their minds, having come from high profile jobs;so I helped them, and by that I mean I told them the truth or stopped them from killing themselves. Gave support. Our society thinks women are not supposed to have anything but positive feelings about motherhood; not true. Now over this hump, my girls are so self-sufficient, well loved and strong. We have a lot of fun..the moral, don't think a psych ward is akin to a Four Seasons where they will tend to you, care for you: It was awful, and I just wanted to go home. Finally, my husband and I planned this little getaway 4 days before Christmas (we were having friends over) so we thought I would relax, come home, meditate and be calm. Instead we rushed out of there, went to Toys R Us, finished shopping, had a great Christmas.


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