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Been a week. She's still alive.

by Roxas on December 21, 2010   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

XD, let me explain my spontaneous stories for the past half hour that most people on this site are probably hating me for. A week ago, my friend tried to commit suicide. The day after, she told me. I'm not used to having friends. And, well, I think she's my first true friend. I don't know what I'd do without her. For the last week we've spent nights texting, because she doesn't like talking on the phone. I pray every night that she remains strong, that I can take some of her pain, and I hope it works. It's been a week. She's still alive. She's made me stronger. She's helped me. I think I have a friend now. Although, I'm still scared when she doesn't text me back. That's when I cry. I feel like I've done something wrong. Like I've lost my only friend. Tonight, after she didn't text me back for awhile, I said she was my best friend. Because she is. I just feel like I've ruined everything. Goodness, this feels weird. Typing anonymous emotions really helps. I don't care if anyone reads this. I don't care if everyone reads this. If it helps her, that's all I care about. I'm here. Fighting beside her. Or trying to. Gonna get a TWLOHA bracelet tomorrow. I just hope she'll be there to see it. Please pray for her. Help her God. And, although this seems pretty darn horrible. I wouldn't trade it for anything. A long and happy life for her would be the best Christmas gift ever. I just hope she is happy.
Love you Axel. I think we all do.


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