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Six Word Memoirs
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Quadraplegia is out of this world

by Squelen on August 28, 2011   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

You have arrived on another planet, one that is far, far away from planet Earth. On this planet everything you know does not apply. When you interact with the native species your perspective of them is so different – you have to crane your neck to look upwards as everybody is so much taller than you. Your neck hurts as you develop the new muscles and increase your stamina to adapt to seeing the locals in this different way. Food is very similar to that of planet Earth, except everybody eats in a different way to you and because you are unique the locals will stare at you or pretend not to, as you consume your food. You want to fit in and be the same but there is no way this can happen because you are alien on this planet, and look so different. Even your very appearance, though the natives may be humanoid, is obviously alien. You have markings on your skin, damage from the journey, that cannot be hidden.
Your movements will be limited and disjointed. The atmospheric pressure and gravity field do not allow your limbs the freedom of movement you had previously and so even the very way you hold your arms, hold your posture, and position your legs is alien to those around you. They are a constant reminder in front of you of your difference to the local populace. You may experience rapid limb movements or "spasms" as your body deals with the change. The nerves to your muscles will struggle to send the necessary messages from your brain and back. If you are lucky these spasms will be short and pain-free, though this cannot be guaranteed. For this reason you will find medication in the Medi-Doc, along with many other aids for supporting your life on this planet (though this will mainly be for pain management and waste management control). Managing your bodily functions on this planet will be difficult. For some reason these humanoids engage in removing their waste product in private and on their own. This is why it is essential you remain with the team you travel with. Do not expect the locals to understand why or how you deal with this matter. They may find it "disgusting" and is certainly a social faux pas to discuss in polite society.
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