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You stole the show Mr. Prez!

by EnMasse on September 19, 2011   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Holy Toledo, once you start showing them you just can’t stop! You do me proud! And just as I was getting ready to send you a strongly worded letter (DiCaprio style), you must have read my mind. Amazing.

One tiny little suggestion please, and I don’t mean to be too bold. Can we dispense with the dreaded words I’m beginning to despise: “The Middle Class?” Could anyone explain to me who the hell are the middle class anyway? I mean where is the demarcation point because I’d like to know; not even the economist have a grip on that vague notion. Are the people who can’t read in this country middle class? Are the people who have only access to substandard education, are they middle class? Are the kids that go hungry every day are they middle class? Are the people who have no health care, are they middle class? If not, then why does every pandering politician want to make the middle class out to be the scapegoat?

I never thought you should have extended the tax cuts in the first place. Bad move, you let the wolves in the door and they came back for more didn’t they? Hey, raise my taxes (and I don’t make more than 75K) so long as the corporations and the folks who have been raking it in for a very long time pay at least as much as I do, on a proportionate scale. I’m fine with it and you may find that other “ordinary people,” another term you used which I much prefer, may think the same. I would like something of this society left for my children and future generations to grow up in, where a chasm does not exist between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” as it does, two fold, in many other countries around the globe. Better education and healthcare are the basic blocks that build a better society – and everyone wins on that point. We can’t go wrong.

How about a “One Class Society” dedicated to the pursuit of the betterment of humankind for all persons, no matter what lot you’ve been dealt in life. If we are going to have any class warfare at all, let it be that kind of fight!


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