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I mean sex is great.

by EnMasse on September 27, 2011   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

What bit of experience I got with it last night was hell good. And that was just neck kissing. I could only imagine how damn good screwing must be. People exploit sex. They make it out to be something dirty and not to be talked about when it’s the most normalist, healthiest thing in the world. Social life should have nothing to do with sex. You know social comment about whats wrong and whats right. That’s strictly between a man and a woman. If you feel and know in your heart that what your doing you have no guilt about and is right to you then why the hell pay attention to what people say. Why feel guilty because society says thats wrong. Man if that’s all society can do is make you feel guilty, then to hell with it. Each person by their own way should have their own code of behavior, at least on the subject of sex. As a matter of fact on everything. If people went by what they thought was right instead of what society dictates is right man we’d all be in better shape. What I can’t understand is if people know this is wrong why don’t they do something about it. How many more martyrs to the stake before someone does something about this crumby society. How many more suicides, how many more alcoholics, how many more addicts. How many more must die God damn it. Before those idiots will see the light. How can they live with it and know that’s its there without doing anything about it. Well hell I’m not going to be as god damn stupid as the other martyrs. I won’t let a bunch of goddamn idiots beat me. If anything, that should keep me going. Boy just wait till I get older.

[unedited journal entry #2, April 20, 1975]


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