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How many concussions before I die?

by MsKillie on November 17, 2011   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

I love boards. My best moments have been spent flying down a hill on my snowboard. Nothing captures this feeling better than the book Snowboarding to Nirvana by Frederick Lenz- go read it! Anyways, I've suffered quite a few smacks on the head while riding my snowboard. Once I blacked out long enough that my poor dad had to hike back up half a black diamond to make sure that his daughter wasn't dead and frozen on ice. No big deal, it comes with the sport.

My draw to the world of boards has now expanded to longboarding. My boyfriend and I spent hours this summer cruising around the 'burbs, him shaking his fist at all the guys who woot and holler at me as I zip by them on my purple piece of freedom. Not long ago, we were hanging out in the Halloween capitol of the world when a group of us decided to grab our boards and cruise the streets near the river. It was a great night for riding and following those fearless boys around always pushes me further than I would dare go alone. It was a simple matter of stopping in the parking ramp and having that purple princess take on a mind of it's own that almost killed me this time. Concrete plus brain at full speed ahead equals MsMins almost needing a hospital bed or possibly a coffin. The response of the crowd that gathered still invades my thoughts- I think they thought I was going to die right there in front of them. My man thinks I have one concussion left before my skull just gives out; I believe he is buying me a helmet for the upcoming holiday. I think that I won't be letting the boards that I love take me out that easy.


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