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Left brain just standing there, waiting....

by skyrocketjones on June 28, 2012   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Years of chaos, destruction,problems, bewilderment, anger, frustration, then a breakthrough and brief relief, the latter of which would soon fall to the floor like a lead balloon. I finally resigned myself to no good answers, no resolution in our quest for normal development and family life. Then a glimmer of hope. Special Pants did a 4 hour evaluation in a neurophysiology clinic. The results enlightened us all.
It's no wonder this child struggles. Born to an addicted Mom, who used 3-5 street drugs of choice. She said she couldn't stop smoking and drinking either. She used multiple prescriptions for insomnia, cleptomania, mercurial mood swings, asthma, and depression and anxiety. In the first 8 weeks after birth with her, Special Pants had to withdraw from cocaine, was underweight, neglected and filthy dirty. It was the trip to the crack house with Birth Mom that had the police taking this baby to Social Services and looking for someone else to change the diapers and hopefully set up a regular feeding, loving, and bathing schedule. We took over and the problems immediately became evident. They have continued for years. Why was this smart, witty, beautiful child so hard; struggling and creating chaos, destruction? Very unfamiliar territory for this adoptive family.
Now, after the recent neuro-physiological assessment, we've discovered a huge missing piece to the puzzle! We now know that an extemely underdeveloped right brain pouts and won't talk to the almost mature left one causing impulsivity or problems to litter everyones path. Turns out we just might not be crazy afterall.


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