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Husband's company's downsizing. Guess who's going.

by Wench on October 11, 2012   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Those of you who have been following the saga know that my husband has been waiting for months to be trained as a Medical Supervisor at his job. Both he and his employer knew when he was hired that he was overqualified for the position he was in and he was assured that within a few months, he would be doing something more suitable to his training.

You probably also know that last month, there was a merger between three companies and the requirements for the position my husband was supposed to transfer to changed. The baseline requirements went from EMT to LPN. Still, his boss asked him to apply for the MS position and said that he would try to pull strings with corporate in order to get him into the job.

A few weeks went by. Two days ago, the clutch on our car broke as we were on our way to upstate New York. We don't have AAA, so we spent $200 to be towed back home. The next day, my husband was unable to get to work - he called his boss, who said he could give him PTO for the day while he figured something out.

So yesterday, my husband and I spent the day on the phone with car mechanics, looking up used cars and selling options, and enjoying the accessibility of our new neighborhood, walking around town with our son.

Today, Nathaniel was able to find a bus that took him into the city. When he got to work, his boss asked to speak with him. The merger meant more than he realized. They are eliminating people who are only trained in one area - yesterday, while we were out looking for solutions for our broken car, two people were let go. Today, after taking the bus into the city and walking the rest of the way to work, my husband joined them. Our one up-side is that his (former) boss told him to use him as a personal and professional reference and to give his cell-phone number to employers.

The bus back dropped him off a 2 1/2 hour walk from home. Good thing he decided to wear hiking boots today.


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