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The poor thing didn't make it.

by ADHDean on November 29, 2012   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Jen and I have recently (as in last week) got into "fostering" dogs that have been rescued from kill shelters. It's already been an adventure. A few days before Thanksgiving, we were told we'd be fostering two puppies until they were placed. The day they came, there were FIVE. They look to be a mix of Lab and maybe Bernese Mountain Dogs, we're not sure. Anyway, they're adorable and we've dealt with the number. On Monday, a guy from the rescue organization came and took two of them for placement. That afternoon, two more were dropped off.

The new pups looked like a Blue Heeler mix. And they were pitiful. Low energy, very timid, and they stunk to high heaven. A little more time revealed that they're both sick. Really sick. With Parvo. The poor little female died this morning, and the male probably isn't long for this world - either he'll die or will have to be put down. Because we weren't told - and no one checked, apparently - that they had Parvo, we let them mingle in the pen with the other puppies. Thankfully, the other three have had their shots, but we've been told that new dogs can't be kept in a pen where Parvo has been for something like 6-8 months. Basically, our foray into fostering has been ended as soon as it began. Jen has been trying to reach the girl who dropped off the sick puppies with us, and she has yet to answer a single call or text. We're told that she's experiencing "a personal problem." Needless to say, we won't be using that particular rescue organization when we're able to foster once again.

Jen is heartbroken, and I'm helpless to console her. On the bright side, the other three pups are happy and healthy and will be placed with forever homes very soon.


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