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'Cold' War? 'Civil' War?? Drug War???!!

by illuminatrix on December 11, 2012   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

In escalating levels of logical nonsensicalness. One a reasonable moniker in a sense, considering it was mostly just cross-cultural and cross-political sneering contests (accompanied by the deadliest ever case of nuclear cock-rocket envy), but still semantically ludicrous, kind of like Smoking Peace or whatever. The next one is best illustrated by George Carlin: "What exactly is a 'civil' war? Um, yes, pardon me. Yes? *bang bang bang bang* Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry." This is semantic logic (if any such thing exists) gone awry. The last one is of a long line of pre-failed wars against concepts (rather than actual enemies of like, you know, a physical and thus defeat-able nature), mainly conjured up by early gabillionnaire corporations in cahoots with gajillionnaire newspaper moguls in league with neurotic, elitist power-holic politicians sniffing out good scapegoat fodder to use to dupe the folks into tipping back that jaw, and swallowing down that propaganda like good lil' boys and girls.
Two foolish propositions based on semantic reasons. Another an orwellian atrocity with a similarly orwellian semantic nature, falsely indicating an enemy that can be vanquished, if we'll simply give up more freedoms and resources for the 'temporary' state of warfare that seems to go on forever, yielding nothing but plentiful crops of prisons all over the land and delightfully severed families because one or another method of relaxation is deemed morally reprehensible (while a gentlemanly haze of tobacco and alcohol fumes blanket the land) by those that deign to judge.


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