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Six Word Memoirs
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I tell you everything I am

by EnMasse on March 26, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

in my mind, I know what to say
my words are seamless, flawless,
knowing their mark, and striking with heart

My conversation with you is symmetrically sublime;
beautiful straight lines, and soft rounded turns
we speak, we laugh, we enjoy the moment
our thoughts intertwine, they collide, they divide,
and propagate together
we are one, we are two, we solidify overtime
we unite and conquer all fears crowded into corners

Your heart is a function of mine; my heart an extension of yours
we have learned to breathe in unison, exhale without a second thought
we move in singular motion, patterned by the sway of our devotion
unaware of the hour, the day, the month, the year –
time stops to bid us farewell

We are happy to say goodbye
we’ve no need for the hands of time
we are children again, born of love
we are children again, born of passion
we are children again, reveling in our resplendent madness
soaring, spinning, flying, like out-of-control kites
weaving pieces of ourselves into the mighty heavens
burning brighter, hanging higher, than the stars smiling at us from afar

Silly, pliant, imperfect creatures they flare at us,
caught in a hailstorm of intemperate emotion
we are aflame, torched by the raw energy we create,
igniting every fiber, every piece of soft, willing flesh.

Oh love, lover, friend, ally, teacher, mentor, dearest,
what dreams I have about you!
If I could tell you, would you be true?

3/25/13, Kites
(for R.)


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