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Six Word Memoirs
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Powerless neighbor bites feeding power workers.

by L2L3 on April 15, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

The dog started raising a ruckus at 0400. There are two power company trucks in our driveway and I suddenly realize that the house is completely still. Power's out. I go outside and chat, in my jammies, with the power crew. A tree has fallen and taken down the power poles like dominoes. The guy says they'll be back at daylight to set new poles. I thank him, turn off the alarm clock and go back to bed. Sure enough, at 0830 there are three trucks and a whole lotta men and machinery in the driveway. Nice guys. Pleasant. I notice a woman walking down the road. Don't recognize her. As she approaches, I realize that it's one of our only two nearby(ish) neighbors, who I haven't even seen in four or five years. We greet politely and then...Good freaking grief! She proceeds to start bitching at the power company goreman. I called at 0230 and no one showed up u.til 0400! Why did you leave and not come back until now??? There's a man on oxygen in that other house!!! This id not the entire ramt. She was horrid. Who in hell bitches out the power crew that's in the midst of restoring your power? Duh. Not only that, but I'm guessing yhat yney have an intact cognitive system that will remember her the next time they have to prioritize whose power to redtore first. After she left I apologized on her behalf to the crew, then called the general manager at the power company. Sure enough, she'd called him and left a verbal slime trail as well. Informed him that in 9 years there had been 91 power outages at their house. That means that we had the same 91 outages, by the way. Who keeps him tally??? We live halfway into the wilderness, surrounded by National Forest. No kidding, really? Trees fall onto power lines? I have often bragged about our electric company and crews. We have one of the lowest electric rates in the country and some of the best and fastest repair crews. You just don't needlessly bite the hands thst feed you power.


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