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Don't buy investment you don't like

by JimmyPeterson on May 2, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

I know that I am a little young to be calling something an investment. However, when you are someone who does not have much but gives all you do have to something you would have never wanted to hopefully do the job and save some money is an investment to me. Many people may have the same story but here is mine.. I had the truck that i've always ever wanted with all the upgrades like the lift,tires,flowmasters,z71,stero system, etc. you get the point of that about now. haha. But when I decided to move away from my parents and support myself I knew the truck would not be practical and that I had to sell it. That day came and it was a sad one for sure the next step now was to find a more "practical" vehicle. Of course I leaned on people that are like my family to help me out and he had one that i just could not let go! It was a little dark blue Volvo that he just loved but I did not but he promised the man that owned kept the thing in perfect condition. So I went out and looked at it and everything looked in perfect condition with the trusting heart I have. The man was asking for money i barely had even more than i sold my truck for! Anyways, I put the money down for it and signed the papers... Everything after that just went downhill. Now I do not blame anyone for what happened I knew it was a gamble all I am saying is that I was better off with the truck that I loved and should have never gotten rid of it. So that being said I want people that read this to know if you love something so much you just have to work harder to keep it instead of taking what you think is the easy way with something you do not love. I am saying WORK HARDER AND HOLD IN THERE! haha thank you for reading!


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