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Still longing for voice controlled kids.

by notjustagirlintheworld on May 3, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

We flew down to Tampa this morning for a family Bar Mitzvah. A family with 3 very young children (4 months, 2 and 4) was seated directly behind us. The dad was behind me and the mom and two young boys were across the aisle directly behind my husband and our (relatively) grown up boys. The young boys were for the most part very good, they each had an ipad and headphones. The baby was teething (in my expert opinion) and was being jostled back and forth between her mom and her dad. At one point the mom returned from a walk to 'settle the baby' and both little boys announced they need to use the bathroom. She said she would take them one at a time and handed the baby to dad. Dad now had a the fussy baby on his lap and a two year old across the isle wreaking havoc -- tangled in headphone cords, spilling cookies etc. etc. The dad (still holding the baby, still sitting in his seat) is giving various voice commands to the two year old who is doing his best eventually devolving to "just sit still and don't touch anything." At this point I decide an intervention is required. I look back at him and get up and say "would you like some help." He nods and I proceed to sit down next to the two year old and untangle him from his headset and his brothers and various other cords, recover and close the box of cookies which he has mostly spilled, but still I have stemmed the tide. At this point the mother returns with the older brother who walks right by the seats. The dad calls his name and says you missed our seats, this lady was helping us. I take that as my que and get up and return to my seat happy to have helped and happy to go back to napping.


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