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The future. Childhood dreams. No regrets?

by Amapola on May 21, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

1. The Future

For me the future is an extension of this very moment we call “now”. The future is not a given, it’s something that you can create and influence by the choices that you make, the relationships that you build and the ambitions you set forward for yourself. I think of it more as an effect of our current actions rather than something isolated, waiting “out there” for us. That is why for me, the future is something that we constantly need to question and reshape as if it was the sculpture that symbolizes our dream life.

I’d like to add that we have the tendency to undermine the capacity that we have to make of the future what we want it to be, by making excuses based on external situations or by letting inner prejudices about ourselves get in the way. Of course, there are circumstances that are beyond our control, and interfere with our efforts. But when we are deeply focused in what we want our future to become, and let go of our limiting beliefs, we usually learn to work towards it until we are fully living it.

2. Childhood Dream Job

I had many dream ‘jobs’. I wanted to become a marine archeologist, an anthropologist, a photographer, a dancer; you name it. My most cherished wish was to become a writer, and I did somehow: I have published some work in collective publications (poetry, research and reviews). My goal is to publish my own book, probably poetry or short stories. Meanwhile, I keep a personal blog and am part of a vibrant writer’s community. I also have done a lot of photography, but not in the recent past.

3. Any regrets about your current career choice?

I don’t regret it. Teaching actually gives me the chance to delve into topics that I am passionate about, and share my curiosity and knowledge with others. It also inspires me to be creative, and in essence that is what really makes me feel alive. There is one thing absolutely wonderful about being an educator and a mentor: I get to see the future others are creating for themselves unfold right before my eyes. Working with young people and being a witness of their personal, intellectual and professional development is energizing, exciting and rewarding. I’m always grateful and proud to be able to contribute to that.


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