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I want reality to behave realistic

by Hedgehog on June 9, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

I have a dear friend that has many food allergies. As she may develop colorectal cancer (I guess her not adhering to proper diet doesn’t help) she has to regularly make diagnostic tests. Quite recently we have been talking about it and are right now in a very wierd moment in our relationship - I do think about her commonly. Few hours ago at the terrace of local McDonald’s I was looking at a car that looks exactly like this friend’s (it is so uncommon in our 450’000 city according to her that I took a photo of it). As it turned out the only other person on this terrace was a girl desperately shouting to the mobile phone that doctors told her (strange as it is Sunday) that she has colorectal cancer and won’t live longer than one-two months, she repeated this again and again, cursed, behaved like in a shock. The person on the other side of phone asked if this girl has told about it to a male - who has exactly my name (it it rather uncommon one - around 30th in popularity - yes I’ve checked it right now). Now when I think about it, it comes to me that eleven years ago I I also had a female friend and in a climax moment of our relationship (love or leave) she died in a road accident. And this new friend was the only one I was able to speak with about that old one. As I was leaving the terrace I put some money in her bag, but felt rather like a fugitive. Words cannot express how unrealistic all this seemed. I told my friend what happened, but I think I rather shouldn’t. I always have been a rational person (and I mean it), an atheist, didn’t believe in predestination so I really want reality not to play tricks!


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