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Clean freak with occasional dirty thoughts.

by Contemplative on July 7, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

What timing! A little side story: Last night around 7:30 PM I was attempting, with an emphasis on the word attempting, to cook a Turkey Burger, on my stove top in the apartment I've been in since October. Now, I have cooked in the past, actually hosted 4 or 5 course dinner parties, yet, in the recent years, I'm more of an assembler, as in yogurt, sandwich, protein shake, etc. Also am a microwaving pro.

For those of you who don't know or may have forgotten, I live on the top floor of a predominantly seniors building. The fire alarm is extra super sensitive and goes off quite frequently as people are "distracted" and burn toast and other food items. Well, the first time I used my stove top it started smoking so I'm extremely hesitant, yet that lean turkey burger was calling my name.

Fill in the blanks from there. When the fire department came, which is mandatory even if you call them and tell them it was just a minor cooking "incident", they must still come inspect, reset the alarm, etc by law since its a Housing and Urban Development complex. Point being, when the fire marshal was here, first they gave each other and me a "high 5" because they had placed bets on what I was cooking and guessed burger correctly. Then he said (about my apartment), "this is the cleanest one I've seen yet". Hmmm. Validation I suppose, but I did admit I used a certain four letter word when the alarm was activated.

Hence, the memoir's appropriate feature for today. Thanks for the compliments. Ordering a George Foreman grill and cooking outdoors on the balcony with a fan from now on. You know, just in case.


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