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Six Word Memoirs
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Gone from my arms to God's.

by MercyMercy on August 4, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

The most unique of life's moments
have been mine; the first,
holding my newborn son and looking into his
milky blue eyes and seeing
a miraculous replica of me there in my arms.

I will never feel love so divinely evident again
in this lifetime.

And then, years later, I looked again into
milky eyes – not blue this time but hazel in hue -
and in a fleeting moment, I felt the true life spirit leave
the beloved man who had raised me and heard him
speak with his last breath what he was witnessing,
“There they are!”

My fear of dying ended that day when I saw the
light fade in those eyes as I handed him from
my arms into the arms of God.

And some dozen or so years later, I looked into
milky brown eyes, pleading with me to take her home -
this beautiful woman who had raised me and heard her
speak with her last, trembling, whispered breath,
“I love you.”
And again, I felt the life force leave a tiny body.
And again, I offered up one more time
someone I loved from my feeble, human arms into
the powerful but tender arms of God and sent her

who else will I hold in those most unique of moments?
Who will hold me?
Will it be the arms of my lifemate, so familiar,
so comforting?
Will I whisper, “I love you” or “There they are!” -
amazement caught in my voice?

Or will it be in the arms of that beautiful baby boy,
eyes no longer milky but clear, brilliant blue, and loving;
all grown up and hoping he will always remember
how he was loved and cherished and will
forever be my legacy to the world.


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