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History is a story better learned.

by Skyebird on August 5, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

You know the thing about people? They always want stories to end happily ever after. They'd get upset if it doesn't. So we give it to them. But most times they say: "Gee, that was a nice, happy ending, but it was pretty boring. No action. No conflict. Boring." So then we give them a good story. We put a bunch of conflict in there. Bad stuff happens. Characters get hurt.

The thing is people are natural fixers.

They always try to look for ways in which everything turns out dandy. Then when it does, they say: "Huh, that was pretty great, but it was a tad predictable."

Tough crowd.

To throw them in for a loop, we give them an unhappy ending. Take that. Predictable? We think not.

We listen as they trash the story and call it stupid. They say "X and Y should have gotten married. A and B should have survived."

So we ask them, "Well what the hell do you want?"

They say, "A happy ending and lots of action. Not too predictable. Nothing boring. Not too much to ask, methinks." They don't know whats good for them.

You see it a lot in their lives. They look for something more in it. They want a purpose. If things come too easy, they're unhappy. They don't appreciate it. They think "I want something more. I want to be happy. I want to live an adventure, like in the stories."

People. You can't please them. They can't please themselves. It's a tad bit predictable if you look at the bigger story.


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