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Hands: human, humble, hardworking - haunt...

by MercyMercy on August 5, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

It was 102 degrees in Ft. Worth, Texas, 56 years ago today. Three people were in the midst of a deep anticipation. Two of those people were full of hope and joy... trying not to worry, after all, most babies are born just fine; it had been a strange and terrible moment when their own sweet little boy had been born too soon and lived less than a day some ten years before.

The other person was a beautiful, courageous, and terrified young woman in labor. She knew what she had to do... That fluttering creature inside of her that she called her "butterfly" was ready to greet the world... And the next day, with no one but a doctor and a nurse in the delivery room, a baby arrived... She was a mother yet she never knew, until 23 years later, that baby's sex, what it looked like, how much it weighed, or where it had gone... That's how they did it in those days. And she worried and wondered and grieved.

She signed the papers a few days later and left the hospital alone. And an 11-years-married, childless couple came and picked up their new-born baby and took it home where family, friends, and neighbors were waiting to rejoice in this much-prayed-for miracle.

For the rest of their lives, the new father and mother never failed to thank God for the unselfish gift they had been given by that brave young woman - that gift that made them a true family at last.

As you have probably already guessed, that baby was me. I was raised by Bill and Bettie in a home full of love and in the nurture and admonition of The Lord - according to the one request of that young woman... That her baby be raised in a Christian home.

And through the Grace of God and in His timing, I am now again a part of that precious woman's life as well as her accepting and loving family including her husband, my sister, brother, niece, and nephew. And a wonderful group of cousins and more.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me the gift of life and for sharing me with my parents, and for loving me still 56 yeas later... God bless you now and always...


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