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Gay man trapped in woman's body.

by Amapola on August 16, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Having a wide network of male friends who are gay, these six encapsulates what has become a common joke between us, or the occasional way to introduce me amongst other gay men. I am believed to be a 'temptress' who can make a gay guy want to spend a night with me. To which I always say: "it's because I'm a gorgeous gay man trapped in a woman's body".

The joke finds its origins in a crazy night out, when I tongue kissed the most gorgeous gay man on the dance floor.

My friends were furious. Or better said, bitterly jelaous: "we don't bring you along for you to prey on the most gorgeous guys and take away our chances".

But how could I refuse such a beautiful smile, who asked me timidly if he could kiss me because it was the first time he wanted to kiss a woman for real?

I consented, making the remark that it would be my first time (kissing a gay man) too.

It was gentle, warm and delicious.

The dance steps diminished as we kissed.

He barely touched my shoulders.

We kissed long.

During the last tune of the song, as if intending to turn me around in one last move, he lifted my right hand. After a slight bow he said:

"Thank you. It was beautiful".

Then he pulled my hand down to his lips and gently kissed it.

We went separate ways.

Behind us, an empty spot on the dance floor briefly held the breath of a new-born memory: that long kiss which was a very 'first' for both of us.

Like smoke trails passing through dimmed spotlights before blending with the shadows, he quickly vanished into the crowd.

I never saw him again.


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