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Stuck in a rut. We're repaving.

by Wench on August 23, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

Back when my husband lost his job, almost a year ago, we began to think about how his level of qualifications was limiting us. Finding work was impossible, which is why we moved back to the city in the first place. After months of searching, he finally found a job with an ambulance company. But EMTs do not make a great living and although we've gotten very good at living within a tight budget, the prospect of doing this indefinitely wasn't one we ever really warmed to.

Then we found I was pregnant. Nathaniel began researching a Bachelor's in nursing, but he never seemed very enthusiastic about it. For him, it was simply the logical next step.

A few months ago, we sat down and I asked the big, scary question that we'd been avoiding for three years. "Do you even like the medical field?"

When Nathaniel got back from the army, a friend told him about a company that would pay for his EMT training and guarantee a job, and he went with it because it made sense. We met very shortly after that, we were married ten months later and then we had a baby. He never really felt he had another option. But as it turns out, no, he is not in love with the medical field.

So what, I asked, are you in love with?

Interior design. He got the words out, and suddenly a spark went off. He started coming home excited about his research, colleges, internships, design programs he's been experimenting with. He comes home talking about neighborhood-flipping, something that's becoming huge in Philadelphia. And on September 3rd, for the first time ever, he's going to college to pursue all this.

We're taking a big leap into the unknown. It's a little scary, but we feel good about it. Some encouraging words came from my uncle, who told us this: "I've seen people try to do something new with their lives, and there's usually two different approaches. There's the people who leave a back-up plan, and the ones who don't. And it's usually the ones with a back-up plan who fail." So off we go into something completely new, and we're not looking back. As of right now, Nathaniel is finally following his dreams, and I'm behind him all the way.


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