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Six Word Memoirs
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The little girl. The recurring dream.

by Whoa_Sag on November 17, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

I've been having a recurring dream lately. I'm talking to a woman in her mid-twenties in my unit when, from out of the corner of my eye, I notice a little girl walking toward me. She must be all of 18 months old, her movement unsteady, but filled with purpose. I drop to my knees to greet her. Hers was a face I had gazed at lovingly in photos, but never previously in person. She hands me a sheet of paper. On it is a drawing of a stick man, but with facial features that look remarkably familiar. "I drew a picture of you, Grandpa. I'd like you to have it." Tears fill my eyes as a tsunami-like wave of emotion threatened to overcome me as she gives me the biggest and best hug a grandfather could wish for. "Thank you, darling" I say to her. "You'll have to pick a spot on the wall where you want me to place it." The little girl studies the wall intently, and eventually settles for a spot above my work desk and at eye level. I mark the spot with an 'x' and tell her I'll get the drawing framed and place it on the exact spot she requested. She flashes a broad grin, waves, and vanishes right before my eyes. I turn toward the young woman and notice she has disappeared, too. Moments later, I wake from the dream to be greeted by a tear-soaked pillow and a heart filled with joy.


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