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Six Word Memoirs
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I sought normalcy; I am defined.

by LyphengKim on December 14, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

I was always bullied about my sexuality before I could admit it to myself. The bullying made me feel different and destroyed my character. For many years, I hated myself and denied a part of me that I was not ready to come to accept. Teasing made me feel so horrible about myself and it destroyed a part of my childhood. When I would think back to my adolescent years, a majority of it goes to the times when I would cry and ask why things like that were happening to me. The idea of normalcy struck me and I tried to be like everybody else, and meet society's predisposed ideas of what a person should be. Why? Because I wanted the bullying to stop. I wanted to be accepted, and I wanted closure.That sense of belongingness plagued my soul. No matter how hard I tried, the bullying persisted, and I dropped deeper into the pit of depression. Bullying got to a point in my life where I thought of suicide and almost resorted to that path. But as you can see, I steered away from it. I chose not to end my life with a period, but start a new clause by utilizing a semicolon. At the end of my sophomore year, and during my junior year, I experienced an epiphany and realized that I could no longer deny my sexuality. At that point, I made the BIGGEST move of my lifeā€¦coming out. I was extremely horrified at the idea of telling my family. Though what I had expected, but hoped to avoid, which were many forms of disappointments and shameful expressions, persists to this day, I finally came to define who I am. I feel as if I have been freed from a cage of crows that would constantly peck at every single part of me until I could no longer take it anymore. Being able to define yourself is the most powerful step in life. Most importantly, knowing who you are, only strengthens your soul and further leads you towards a better and successful life. I share my story because I heard a quote from the Talmud which ran along the line that if you save a life, it is considered as saving the world. So I hope that by reading this, I have saved someone's life...


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