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Feeling right can be wrong sometimes.

by TheRealHer. on December 29, 2013   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

That feeling you get, feeling so good can make me so sure of us. Feeling so sure made me feel like it wasn't just me feeling like this.. But then I stopped to really think; and I recycled my thoughts. Every single moment I thought about us became just thoughts about me. You wanted to know how I assume this right? Because I stopped and for a moment and I question you in my mind. What is your feeling? Do you think about me at all..? I figured you didn't because your attention never stays. It leaves for vacation the moment we stop speaking. And it doesn't come back for a while. So what I'm saying is; in reality I was missing you all by myself, I liked you and fell hard alone. You where never planning to take me serious where you? Because you never feel, even when you have the thought of loving one girl you gamble it and lose it. Because no girl is value to you. I just realize I'm no value to you; ironic as this sounds regardless of what happens, I think it will always be like the first time. I will always leave everything just to spend a moment with you again. Who does that? Like seriously my honest feelings right know. Who would ever fall in love with a heartless yet lovely guy like you..? Only a fool like me..but you know what they say.. If you love somebody, and they don't love you back love them anyway. And it is what it is and it was what it isn't. You where my can't help it emotion. A bad habit I have with you, because even when I leave your place you never go away in my head. I guess I like to fall and get hurt for you. But I don't guess much and FEELING SO RIGHT CAN BE WRONG SOMETIMES.


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