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Friday night resolution. Big, baby steps!

by Solstice22 on January 3, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

One of my biggest New Years resolutions was to go out on Friday nights, even if I just stay out for five minutes.

Well, today is First Friday of the new year. What was that testosterone expression Trix used about the b-word hanging out, or smashed up against the wall, or something b-word related?

Yeah, that expression. My time to walk the walk, Wing-up, and take the leap. Trust me, I really wanted to stay home and vacuum.

But, I didn't. I got dressed and decided to take baby, first steps. I knew it would be too daunting for me to go out *after* dark, so I started out while it was still light. I went to the 4:10 showing of Saving Mr. Banks (excellent, excellent, btw), then took myself out to dinner to somewhere I hadn't gone before.

It was dark when I got out of the theater. The movie made me cry at the end, so again, trust me that I wanted to just go home and say that was a big enough adventure. But instead, I went into the theater restroom, applied some anti-puff cream to my eyes, put on some more lipstick, winged-up, and went to din.

I learned that a lot(!) of people go out at night! I thought everyone stayed home like me. The restaurant was noisy with people having fun. It had an outdoor patio, with heaters, but it was too cold for most folks. It was, after all, only 55 degrees. I had dressed in my California winter 7-layer look, so I was warm enough to sit outside. I channeled all my snowy Sixer friends, who would laugh at the idea of 55 degrees being cold and I sat at a table for four all by myself. The heater was warm, the music soundtrack was late sixties songs, and I had a glass of wine. There were windows facing into the restaurant, so I could people watch without being obtrusive. It really was an introvert's best outing. Quiet, alone, but near people having fun.

I really couldn't have had a better time! I learned it's fun to be out after dark; that I can drive in the dark without totally freaking out; and it was a good idea for me to start out when it was still daylight.

3:O0 pm - 8:30pm. Big time out. Good First try! :)


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