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You have too much money when...?

by ShellDeFelice on February 4, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

You shoot a giraffe. Whaaaat the double H, you ask? Yes, no auto correct there my friends. But let me back up the train...

I am troubled by the ever-increasing chasm between those that Have and those that stand in line for the canned crap the Haves so kindly donate. My town in particular is driven by tourism and this no-snow (therefore no ski) January drove even more of us to seek donated food. I did not need to ask for help but I do not separate myself from the group who did. A friend of mine who recruits for a well know corporate chain and who helps cook a warm dinner at a local church for the hungry told me she was humbled to
see many of the people she had interviewed showing up for a warm meal. I know that it is not just my town that has an ever shrinking middle class and more friends cowering in poverty.

Somehow though, the real estate market here has seen a recent uptick in the second home market. And, a client of mine who owns a gucci upscale restaurant tells me he never missed a beat during the recession. He believes it is because his price point is so high and so exclusive that those same people, who buy the second and third homes, gobble up his gourmet flambéed whatever and he is set.

I know..I know... but what about the giraffe? So, in this troubled mental state of mine, where I am wondering if we have evolved into a state of serfdom I have a bizarre conversation with my client/hair guru. I ask her how business has been and she replies, "Not so good, especially since the Safari Club moved their getaways to Vegas." Now, I have never spent much time thinking about going on Safari or what that might entail. When I did, it seemed reasonable to imagine that if you were going to shoot for sport it would be some wild ferocious cur, right? I don't know...you pick... a wild boar, a snarly wildebeest? Quite frankly, I would not kill any creature and mount it on a wall...but that's just me. I am lazy about dusting furniture, much less something with fangs and fur. I was curious about the Safari Club clientele however, they sounded like a group with a large amount of dispensable income.

I was not ready for the real story. My hair stylist/salon owner/client sheepishly told me she missed the revenue of the Safari Club but not the way she had to pretend their adventures were inspiring, or even o.k. Then she shared her favorite, as in most shocking story, of the lady who shot a giraffe, because it matched her living room decor.

That is too much money.


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