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Hands down, best nanny prankster ever!

by jl333 on March 26, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

There's been one family in particular that I've been with for 16 years. And a couple times a year, the parents leave out of town. I always stay with the kids while the parents are gone. They quickly learned that upon their return, that there would be a prank waiting. As the kids started getting older, the pranks got better. A few months back, the parents left around Halloween. The prank that time was that we took down all the Halloween decorations and redecorated the entire house, inside and outside, with Christmas decorations and lights on the roof. Cars would slow down in disbelief as they passed the house, they were clearly confused. And we didn't just stop with the Christmas lights. We had lawn ornaments, Put up a Christmas tree, etc. The time before that, we cautioned taped the entire entrance of the house, the driveways, garage, and the cars. The parents had to park on the street. And once they got through that caution tape, they had to try to get through the front door that had been cautioned taped off. I have a picture on my camera of that event, but don't know how to attach it. So I ll show a picture of the last prank. The teenage girl had called two of her besties who are all die hard Justin Bieber fans. She told her friends to bring every poster, cut out, and anything that JB related, over to the house for our prank. In all we had a couple hundred items. We had over 100 posters, and tear out from magazines alone. We covered all four walls with pictures of JB. We literally covered every part of the parents walls with Justin Bieber posters, books, had the JB movie playing on the TV., had life size cut outs of JB in the room, we put JB shirts in the drawers, had JB's music playing etc. I've been called again in 5 weeks to watch the kids again. The plans are in motion. Not sure what were going to do...but I'm sure it will be fun.


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