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Going to a party! Wave Breaker!

by Solstice22 on April 18, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

~ ~ ~ ~
My daughter is having a 30th birthday party with a luau theme. I was asked by the birthday girl to come up with a name for the complimentary tropical umbrella drink she is serving. I gave her 10-15 names and she choose one.

I am invited to the party too! So in my big imagination I thought what a great meet-cute it would be if one of the other guests just might happen to be an older (single) co-worker, or the (single) dad of a friend of my daughter. I am not sure why one of her friends would bring their dad, but, why not?? So, here's how my imagination works hopped up on Easter candy:

Me: [Standing near the bar area, twirling the tiny umbrellas, the Tropical drink sign next to me--"Enjoy a Wave Breaker, compliments of the Birthday Girl")

Meet cute guy: Hello.
Me: Hello.
MCG: This is a great name for a drink."
Me: Mahalo. I made it up.
MCG: Really? Are you a writer?
Me: Me? Why yes. Yes I am......

Now this is where most people leap to the conclusion you are a FAMOUS writer if you say you're a writer, and the conversation goes a little off-tempo when they find out you're not J.K.Rowling...But, miraculously it doesn't happen this time.

MCG: Well, I like to write too. Would you, um, maybe like to get together for coffee and talk about writing? Like, uh, maybe tomorrow afternoon?
Me: That would be lovely.

Now, because this is my imagination, this single guy is also quite wealthy, likes hockey and has quiet box seats away from the huge, noisy crowd. After chatting, he mentions this and I end up going to the second game of the first round playoffs. My dream come true! Go Sharks! #BeatLA.

Oh, and he calls me Sugar. Oh wait, no he doesn't. Not yet. That's just the sugary Easter Basket talking...

I reside over my kingdom. ImagiNation.


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