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What? No wasabi?? Ticks me off.

by Solstice22 on May 5, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

~ ~ ~ ~
Sigh. If only I was one of those ladies who could hop in the car in her pajamas and go complain....

Yesterday I bought a little package of avocado and rice rolls (veg sushi) for dinner. At my grocery store they have a sushi bar where rolls are made daily. But I ate other stuff instead for dinner. I decided I'd have the roll for breakfast.

My main thing I like is the hot Japanese horseradish called wasabi. It is actually why I eat sushi, for the sinus clearing zip of this condiment!! Before anyone goes, ewww sushi, (yes, jl, I'm talkin' to you), :D, I no longer eat the raw fish, just the vegetable rolls. It's just rice, avocado wrapped in seaweed. OK, say it with me now-- Ewww, seaweed!!

So, anyway, I'm making my coffee, putting out the little rice rolls on a plate, all fancy looking. And then I discover--no wasabi included. I hunt through the ginger, in case it got buried. No wasabi! I'm like a crazed, Monday morning person with poofy hair and a craving for the tear-inducing hotness of wasabi! It's pollen season after all! This treat was going to take care of my sinus congestion.

I look again through the ginger, look around the counter as if that morsel of wasabi could have escaped! ARGH!!

But hey, worse things could happen! My coffee soothes me. And I got a day off from oatmeal.

Yay unusual breakfasts! I'm a champion.



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