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If it's painful, you can stop.

by Solstice22 on August 4, 2014   |  FacebooktwitterTumblr

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This simple idea is actually difficult for me. It's just not physical pain I'm talking about here, but emotional and mental pain too. I forget that I can be in control of how much I'm willing to put up with.

Today, for example, I had three examples of this. Rather than tell you all the details, I will tell you that I just stopped. It was an amazingly powerful feeling to simply not continue the interactions. I didn't have to be rude, or get all emotional, or even dwell on what went wrong or why. I could just stop and do something else more enjoyable for a while. I still have to deal with the situation, but I didn't have to continue doing so today.

The most amazing thing to me about today was that I recognized (1) I wasn't getting anywhere by continuing, and (2) I didn't feel like proving how patient I could be by continuing.

It's the second thing, that has always been my downfall. I always seemed patient on the outside, but inside I was getting stressed. The "reward" for being the patient person has lost its appeal to me. Mainly because there isn't a reward with annoying and exasperating situations. Better to just end it and try again another time. Better to stop stressing myself out.

A new feeling for me, this being in control. And I mean control in a good way. More like taking care of myself control, not bossy and demanding control.

So although today was a semi non-productive day in regards to what I set out to accomplish, in another way it was the most productive day ever in regards to how I've learned to take care of myself.

If I don't like the experience I'm having for any reason, I have control. I can stop.

So simple. :) Yay!


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