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Brainsprinkles |
Member since February 17, 2012

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About Me

If you were to throw up your hands in exasperation and yell \"it's the story of my life,\" what would you be talking about?
Just when I think I've managed to carve out a little bit of time to work on my art--my passion--something always comes up to take me away. By the way, please visit my website at

Besides SMITH, I read stories at:
My local public library.

In bed I like to read:
Primarily non-fiction, often natural history. However, my bedside table is also littered with newspaper articles, various mixed-media art magazines and how-to books, and the occasional graphic novel.

My favorite story of all time is:
Too hard to narrow down. However, some of my favorite story-tellers are Twain, Poe, Orwell, and Bradbury; and I love the essay-writing of Gore Vidal, Hunter S. Thompson, Edward Abbey, and others.

Right now, I'm reading:
The Walking Dead graphic novel series--because I'm completely geeking the TV series and want to know where it's going.

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