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Your Love Advice in Six Words

BY TeamSixWords on February 1, 2016
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SixContest #69: #LoveAdviceIn6Words

Each February, the calendar cues us to embrace romance. For SixContest #69 (just a ​​coincidence​, we promise​), we want to know​, in six words,​ how you find love or stay amorous​.​ Do your insights come from the heart (“​He still needs me at 64​.” –​Armistead Maupin) or somewhere raunchier (“Passionate arguments lead to passionate sex” ­–Toni Esperanza Chadwell)? Or does Valentine’s Day bring out your adventurous side (“My stockings look better on him.” –Renee Guillory)? ​Look into your heart and soul—and slay us with your #LoveAdviceIn6Words.

[Ed. Note: Post your entry in the comments section and one winner will receive a copy of our latest book, "The Best Advice in Six Words."]

Need inspiration or a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Check out our books, "The Best Advice in Six Words" and "Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak" (

Your Six Words can include a backstory (we love reading them), but please post only one entry per comment.

Remember to tag us and include #LoveAdviceIn6Words when posting your Six Words to Twitter and Instagram!


This SixContest runs through Saturday, February 13 at 3PM ET. Submit your entries in the comments below or on our social media pages: to tag @sixwords) | | |

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