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Interesting how Trump's alleged-word gets repeated.

BY WinterSol on January 14, 2018
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I noticed this also when he made his remarks about the NFL players who were kneeling, using unflattering terminology. In fact, a person I know in real life kept saying the word to me in a very loud voice as she made her complaint about it known. Anytime I tried to make my point about it, she'd just say the word louder.

Was that meant to shock me into understanding how wrong it was? Is repeating anything negative the President says over and over suppose to show.....something?

With his recent aledged-word usage, I read in his own words he denies saying what he's accused of.
Even if he's trying to cover up his faux pas, if he did say it, he doesn't have to say it anymore because it's being said enough by people who supposedly are defending the people it was aimed at. If I had been called a name, or my country, I sure wouldn't want those defending me to keep saying the insult over and over.

Like if I were called "stupid" And my defenders were telling me and writing about me:
"You're not stupid. I don't know why anyone would call you stupid. Being called stupid must really hurt. You have an important job so you really can't be stupid."

I start to wonder who is being more hurtful.

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