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Secrets to Staying Sane in Six

BY TeamSixWords on December 1, 2018
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It is officially the most wonderful (aka stressful) time of the year: the holidays. Not to be a Grinch about it, but the holiday blues can be real and really rough. Finding ways to cope with the stress that comes along this season can be a challenge for many. So we want to hear how you keep your head on straight, whether you’re stressing over your in-laws coming to town, on the hunt for the best Christmas deals, or struggling to make ends meet. Do you write out your frustrations in a diary, or do you set aside some me-time away from family to relax? Is the bottle your coping mechanism of choice, or do you sweat it out in the gym? For SixContest #119, share with us your secrets to staying sane and managing your mental health this holiday season in six.

Besides awarding our favorite six-word story our shiny new keychain, we're giving away a second prize: the Sixer with the best backstory will win a Six-Word Memoir book of his or her choice. Be sure to submit your entry as a six and include the link to your backstory here in the comments. And please post only one entry per comment.

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