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Seismic Shifts in just Six Words

BY TeamSixWords on August 2, 2019
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Some people love change, others loathe it. No matter how you feel, you can’t escape it. Has your world recently turned upside down? Or has something shifted over time leading to a big breakthrough? What’s your one moment that changed everything? For SixContest #127, we’re asking you to share the seismic shifts in your life.

Have you recently moved to a new state, started at a new school, or experienced an actual (or metaphorical) earthquake? Have you suddenly become empowered to pursue something you’ve been putting off for a while? Maybe you’ve had a life-altering realization about your spirituality, your career, or yourself? Perhaps you’ve met “the one,” or you broke it off with your long-term lover. What earth-shaking turning point did the universe have in store for you? We want to know.

If you'd like to share a backstory (we love reading them!), be sure to submit your entry as a Six and include the link to the Backstory here in the comments below. Share as many stories as you like, but do post only one entry per comment. The prize will be an exclusive Six-Word Memoir’s keychain!

Remember to tag us and include #SixWordSeismicShifts when posting your Six Words to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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