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Random, Strange, Wild Acts of Kindness

BY TeamSixWords on August 2, 2022
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The pandemic never seems to end. We've got scorching heat strokes, dangerous floods, and more troubling revelations about the world than most of us can handle. Although the future may seem bleak at the moment, there is still beauty all around us. Compassion and goodwill often manifest from unexpected places. For Six Contest #146, we'd like you to share a six-word story about random acts of kindness.

Tell us about an event when a total stranger helped you in the most surprising way. Your story could be about a happiness boost from TikTok or YouTube, a pay-it-forward chain at the local coffee shop, or a life-altering conversation with a person you might never see again. Share and honor the times when Good Samaritans remind us that kindness persists.

If you'd like to share a backstory (we love reading them!), be sure to submit your entry as a Six and include the link to the Backstory in the comments below. Share as many stories as you like, but do post only one entry per comment.

Remember to tag us and include #KindnessInSix when posting your Six Words to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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