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Pills don't create happiness, people do.

BY BrightLight2 on April 24, 2011
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At a time when prescribing anti-depressants is at an all time high,particularly among young people, this message cannot ring more true.

I have known many people, including myself, who were offered an anti-depressant to cope with life. This \"magical pill\" was the answer to all sadness and grief and would make life bearable, atleast that's what we were told. Sometimes, that's not the case. Taking anti-depressant can lead to suicide.

My friend, incredibly bright, talented, with the world at her fingertips, killed herself at 23 because of the effects of an anti depressant. She was perscribed the pills by her doctor to deal with the demands of life and nothing more. Now, she's gone.

I myself was very close to the same fate after taking an anti-depressant to deal with grief, believing that my only purpose was to \"kill myself\", before I thankfully realized what was altering my mind and gradually took myself of the drug. The doctors didn't even see the effects of that pill that was causing my rapid downfall and actually told me to keep taking them, or thought about even increasing the dosage, after I alerted them of my mind-set. I myself took myself off of the pills.

Once I realized the culprit- I was back to reality and my light shined brightly once again. I found happiness by being apart of life and not staying in my room. People helped me to find happiness not a pill. A smile, a laugh, a hug, a sharing of moments was all I needed to find happiness not a drug.

Please be careful before taking anti-depressants and realize that there are other options available before making a decision. And, if you do decide to take a pill or know someone who is- know the dangers- and think about the pill possibly being the problem before you do anything rash or condemn someone for their irrational behavior.
I wish my friend would have known/thought about this possibility before she ended her life. Now it is too late for her but not too late for you. I share this story with you to help bring awareness and keep my friend's spirit alive. Her spirit lives on through her story and the hope for tomorrow.

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