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14 years. Faced fears. Tasted tears.

BY Contemplative on August 14, 2011
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Yesterday was the official disbanding of our Eating Disorders support group. The people I've met there: My best friend. My allies. My active listeners. My nonjudgmental members. The individuals, the families, the significant others. All meant a lot to me.

The greatest gift was to see the radical growth my best friend made. When in a bind, I always ask myself, \"What would I recommend for her?\" and then I follow my own advice. I didn't cry yesterday. Today the tears stream.

Our volunteer leaders devoted not only time, input, and guidance, but were facilitators. Usually the open forum group when brought together took on a life of its own. Different backgrounds and same underlying feelings. Can count on one hand how many times food was the focus, since it wasn't. Shared struggles, triumphs, relapses and recovery.

Yes, I care deeply about those who've made a lasting impression on my life but really crying, not for the loss, but for the gain, because just realized how far I've come.

This is not an ending and we are looking to start something less formal yet just as beneficial in the near future ourselves.

We've all dealt with loss along the way. We've all respected one another. We've all been at various stages. And I think that's it. It was the one place that no one had to act. Grateful to share my journey. Looking forward to staying in touch. That's it too. My group members have touched my heart and I hope, I theirs.

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