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Alexander Technique? Kinda hard to explain.

BY Clairee on September 22, 2011
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To paraphrase Albert Einstein – if you can’t explain it simply, you must be talking about the Alexander Technique. I love teaching the Alexander Technique — explaining it however, is a different story. Like many things of Australian origin - the sound of a didgeridoo, the taste of Vegemite, the smell of koala breath - the Alexander Technique is better experienced than imagined.
Nevertheless, the Technique has hundreds of practitioners as well as national and international professional organizations — all struggling to provide a satisfactory description of the Technique. For publicity and marketing purposes, and even just to convince the public that yes, we do indeed understand it well enough, we all continue to search for the right words.
Being a lover of language and word-smithery, an attempt to say something, anything, let alone definitive, about the Alexander Technique in just six words is an irresistible challenge.
Moving beyond Alexander Technique? Kinda hard to explain, I’ve come up with a few other stories that I hope will entertain (the initiated) or arouse curiosity (of the uninitiated). Enjoy

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