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Disaster. Faith. Miracle. Disaster. Faith. Miracle.

BY Contemplative on September 30, 2011
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Originally this said: \"Disaster. Miracle. Disaster. Miracle. Disaster. Miracle.\" though I was writing this in the disaster phase. I really don't believe in asking for a miracle, though I don't judge anyone who does, and have had two in the last three weeks.

Not wanting to seem greedy and truly, truly, desperate, at the bottom of many barrels, you probably have met me today at one of the most difficult times in my life. And I realized that I believed, mainly because the cycle is starting repeating itself, and actually always has, that this faith was what was the link between \"Disaster.\" and \"Miracle.\"

Two minutes later, no tease, the phone rings from a number that has never called me. It was Michael, and I asked immediately, and probably to his surprise yet not really, \"Are you my miracle?\" He was processing payroll.

He was exactly the miracle I asked for as I just logged off my banking system and begged my calendar to be sooner to the 3rd. It was. I mistakingly thought there were 31 days to Sept. Never could get that saying right in grade school \"30 days does have...\"

Miracles never do cease.

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