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Sometimes being shoved, just what's needed!

BY Mourningdove on November 23, 2011
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I was having issues at my job after I came back from 14 weeks FLMA,( back surgery) and was getting called into office almost daily when I told them I needed to take more time off now for knee.I didn't get the raise everyone else got either.
I'm a good worker. I am fast, accurate, and I get along with my co workers. So I really was hurt when the head boss was targeting me. My immediate supervisors were pleased with my work. I actually had a great review right before I went off for my back surgery.
So I put my big girl pants on and put my name out for a new position. I didn't get the first job I applied for and was crushed! I cried. I was sure no one would want me. Then my friend who had recommended me, called and said she hated it there and was already looking for a new job!
Then 3 days later I was called for the largest health care company in Ohio! I got the job! It is a HUGE pay increase, a lil bit of a drive but I could buy a new car with cash with the raise in one year! Amazing. It is true that unanswered prayers are often in your best interest huh?
Thanks for listening to my tale. I'm Thankful today!

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