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Making it up as you go…

BY Clairee on March 29, 2012
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As stated in previous posts, the Alexander Technique is rather difficult to explain and teachers often struggle to find the right words to describe what is more readily demonstrated. Talking about the technique, practitioners do sometimes sound as if they are inventing stuff as they speak – waxing lyrical at best or quacking mad at worst. And yet, making it up as you go is precisely the purpose and practice of the Technique – it being the psychophysical mechanism, a.k.a. the self, up being the appropriate response to gravity, and as you go is the Alexander Technique’s take on presence. High or low, fast or slow – here and now, boy*, is what you make of it.
*With a wink to the mynas in Aldous Huxley’s Island. Did we mention he was Alexander’s student and an enthusiastic advocate for the Technique?

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