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Heads—inhibit, tails—direct, both win.

BY Clairee on March 29, 2012
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Another of F.M.’s working assumptions holds that like all naturally evolved creatures, we humans are optimally structured to survive and thrive. Though not scientifically trained himself, renowned anatomists of his time and of our own confirm this. I highly recommend reading Theodore Dimon’s The Body in Motion; Its Evolution and Design if you would like a detailed explanation of the brilliant mechanics of the human body. Failure to survive and thrive can be caused by disease, injury, or - more often than not – misuse of the (psychophysical) organism. Furthermore, habitual misuse can make us prone to disease or injury. Alexander maintained that fulfilling our potential to survive and thrive lies in allowing the organism to function without imposing counterproductive activity upon it. We are constantly called upon to act in response to a variety of stimuli. (See Newton’s Third Law of Motion…) Being able to inhibit inappropriate responses, or, to direct the organism to respond in harmony with its inherently good design (with accommodations for any circumstantial shortcomings) are two sides of the same coin. Either guarantees the other, and both guarantee that, as Alexander put it – the right thing does itself.

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