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Prevent Global Warming, Support Non-Water-Nuclear Energy

BY HansDad on April 17, 2012
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Massive oil-well leaks and coal-miner deaths could be eliminated by replacing those activities with widely used SAFE nuclear energy to save this Planet from global-warming disasters resulting from continued fossil-fuel combustion. The 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan could have been avoided if the listed technology had been in use, where \"Non-Water-Nuclear\" qualifies as a single word (within the 6-word limit) that refers to the use of liquid-metal coolant (in place of water) for \"fast\" breeder reactors. Fast-breeder reactors can use the \"spent\" waste from current reactors as fuel and yield waste that is unsuitable for explosive weapons. While a fear of radioactivity is understandable, there is evidence that it is out of proportion in comparison with more-common hazards. The radioactivity released in Russia (Chernobyl accident) may cause in total, not annually, about 4% as many premature deaths as the pollution from the burning of coal does every year, as reported in James Hansen's book \"Storms of My Grandchildren,\" which includes a simplified discussion of SAFE nuclear energy on pp 194-202.

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