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Work went in, could you tell?

BY Fairytoes on May 30, 2012
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There are these exhibitions. Filled with the strangest things: robots made with the heaviest most shiny metal, photos that came out of the frame towards you, and these objects that moved up, down, around, and sideways.
It is May 1st, a Tuesday, in the afternoon, and my class and I are going to a museum. Now this isn’t an ordinary museum. It’s a museum where the objects or photos are made by the students of MIT University, which makes it a lot more intriguing. Now they weren’t just objects or photos that you looked at, they were objects and photos that moved, came out, and even dripped with oil.
The museum is a large building made of metal and plastic. As we entered the museum, there is a gift shop filled with the most nerdy, scientific objects I have ever seen. To the right, a lovely, young college girl stood at the front desk. But the actual exhibits were upstairs towards the back. In a way it was like a little secret room you went into. Kind of dark.
This museum struck me not only because the inventions were made by the students, but because I wanted to know more. Like why did they make it that way? Or what made these people think of this? And how they made it? Questions are just buzzing through my head the whole time. I just couldn’t believe that people actually made these inventions, because they were so significant and well thought out. You could tell that work definitely went into these inventions and it took a long time to make them. The objects twirled, spun, and jumped, the photos were basically 3-D, popping out towards you, and the objects moved with the touch of a button.
First, we walked into the exhibit part of the museum where there are robots. Not ordinary robots. Robots that were taller than me. Robots that move. Robots that had a significance to making the world better. Some even had the facial features of an ordinary person. It was scary. Like the future?
Then we strode into the holography exhibit. Holography? We have no idea what that is and as we walk into the exhibit we are absolutely astonished and amazed. The photos in the frames come out towards you. There are ones that had all the colors of the rainbows. I can't fit the rest.

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